Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Beaten to the punch

So today I found a website called The Ornery American. You might notice that the first paragraph onthe about page discusses the derivation of the word "ornery." So be it. You might also notice the poll. Today they wanted to know whether Pete Rose or Barry Bonds did more damage to baseball. When I checked it was Bonds by a landslide. Thanks for sharing, everyone! It's nice to know that Bonds has become the poster child for steroid use in baseball. Leaving aside whether or not players should be allowed to use steroids, why not refer to players using steroid generally, rather than just one particular one?

There are number of points on that "about" page that beg for consideration, and I, who has nothing if not time, will get to several of them eventually. But let me briefly discuss this one first:

5. We'll forgive your misdeeds, but only if you apologize sincerely and
never do it again. Our trust, once betrayed, is not lightly restored.

Mommy, the mean man wants me to apologize! And he's speaking about himself in the first person plural!

I need to do my job, but I feel good--it seems that my first Internet rivalry has fallen into my lap.


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